Travel Pill Organizer

Don't leave home without it! A Travel Pill Organizer is essential for people who take prescription medication.

Millions of people are admitted to hospital every year due to non-compliance with prescription medication. In most cases, this could be avoided if the patient used an automatic medication dispenser, or a pill reminder alarm.

However, even for smart patients, travel can present a bit of problem. When away from home, you may be on a completeley different schedule, and engaging in new activities that are a break from normal routine. This is of course exciting for most people, but when you are on a strict regimen of prescription meds, it can be daunting.

The solution is two-fold.

First, a suitable travel pill organizer will allow you to keep the days pills in separate compartments. Pill organizers for travel come in different capacities and with some uniques features. You will need to make sure that you get the right size compartments. If you take many, or larger sized pills, you will need a large capacity travel pill organizer. As will any medication organizer, there are some things to look for like: are the compartments translucent? are the little doors to the compartments sturdy? etc etc. Does the pill organizer have breakaway compartments for each day to allow you to take only what you need on day trips? Keeping organized is essential... remembering is the next hurdle.

There are some great styles available ranging from discreet to fashion-ready. Many on the travel pill organizers are discreet black canvas soft pouches with a zipper opening, while some of the more stylish ones feature bright colors and patterns. Depends on what kind of a statement you want to make - but the selection is there for you whatever your taste.

Now that you have your handy travel pill organizer all loaded and ready to go, you need a way to remember when to take your doses. One great solution is a medication reminder alarm. Keep in mind that pill reminder alarms come in many shapes and forms, but the one we like is the wristwatch. No one will know that your handsome time-piece serves another function, and the style are classic and elegant.

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Companies like e-pill do offer an integrated travel pill holder and programmable alarm unit. For many people, this kills two birds with one stone. While for others, it looks to much like a kids video game and doesn't suit their sensibilities.

So, when shopping for a travel pill organizer consider these few basic principles and fins a unit that suits your style. Taking medication is an undeniable drag, but forgetting to take medication or not knowing what you've taken and what you haven't is worse.

The Pill Organizer Pros

A pill organizer is one of the most important innovations in medicine in recent history. It can mean the difference between independence and dependancy for many people.

Automatic pill dispensers are especially important for those who suffer from memory loss or dimentia.

The Pro's have chosen the best pill organizers available to help you find the one that best suits your needs.