Pill Reminder Alarm

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Remembering medication times can be difficult and frustrating. "Did I Take my meds yet?" or "...oops! I was supposed to take these four hours ago.." are common phrases echoed by just about anyone who is on a regimen - trying to remember medication times by memory only.

Compliance with pill times for many people becomes difficult with busy lives and obligations. Fortunately - there are a number of pill reminder alarm systems that remind patients at pre-programmed times.

Patients have quite a few options when it comes to the style of pill reminder alarm that best suits their lifestyle.

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Wrist Watch Pill Reminder

Probably the most convenient and least intrusive style is the wrist watch alarm. Easily programmable - the best models can remind as many time per day as needed by vibrating to alert the patient. Although many models look like a typical digital watch, it is possible to find quite elegant and sophisticated models that can easily match professoinal busines attire.

The watch style is also available as pocket watch style which can be worn with a tether to a belt and stowed in the pocket, or on a tether around the neck.

Pager Style Pill Reminder

Pill reminders also typically come in a pager style design. Although these are less discreet, many models allow for pill storage as well, which eliminates the need for a second container - as with the wrist watch style.

Recommended Pill Reminder Alarm models:

1. CADEX Medication Reminder Watch (12 Alarm Wristwatch) features a Triathalon type look and vibrates at pre-programmed times.

2. E-pillĀ® Almeda Watch with Six Daily Auto Repeating Alarms featues a swiss style face and analog display.

3. E-pill POCKET Pill Box 4 Vibrating Daily Alarms features vibrating alarma and doubles as a convenient pill organizer box.


The Pill Organizer Pros

A pill organizer is one of the most important innovations in medicine in recent history. It can mean the difference between independence and dependancy for many people.

Automatic pill dispensers are especially important for those who suffer from memory loss or dimentia.

The Pro's have chosen the best pill organizers available to help you find the one that best suits your needs.