Pill Organizer with Alarm

No more guesswork. Take your meds on time - no hassle!

Keeping prescription medication organized is only half the battle... remembering to take your meds at the right time is the other half. With so many medication non-compliance related hospital admissions every year, becoming a statistic should be something to avoid!

There are such a wide range of pill organizers with alarm functions on the market, we decided to give a brief introduction to some of the different features.

Many of the inexpensive models feature a beeping style alarm, much like your digital alarm clock, but it is also possible to get talking alarms, and flashing LED alarms for the hearing impaired. If the patient takes multiple doses per day, it will be necessary to ensure that the unti is programmable for multiple pill times.

The next feature to consider is size. For many patients on multiple prescriptions, the compartment must accommodate many or larger sized pills. Check each unit you are considering for capacity.

How many days of medication do you need to preload? If you need a pill organizer with alarm, you can consider a 7 day pill organizer or a 30 day pill organizer. Obviously size and configuration will vary, but the basic features to look for will apply to both sizes.

Last but not least, check and see if your pill organizer with alarm function has a backup battery. In the event of a power outage, It is essential that the organizer does not get reset. Most units will run off standard house power and feature a backup battery.

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Some higher end units offer the ability to send email or text message reports to caregivers or family members. So, in addition to the alarm reminders, patient compliance can be checked remotely each day. The extra peace of mind provided by this feature is well worth it for many families and their caregivers.

Watch this quick video featuring the MedCenter Pill Organizer with talking alarm and 30 day capacity.

The Pill Organizer Pros

A pill organizer is one of the most important innovations in medicine in recent history. It can mean the difference between independence and dependancy for many people.

Automatic pill dispensers are especially important for those who suffer from memory loss or dimentia.

The Pro's have chosen the best pill organizers available to help you find the one that best suits your needs.