MedReady Monthly Pill Organizer with Alarm

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Most people who take prescription medication on an ongoing basis prefer to organize just once a month, rather than every week. However, when it comes to day trips, it can be a pain in the neck if your monthly pill organizer doesn't have take-along daily pill boxes. MedCenter recognizes this need and has designed a wonderful monthly medication organizer with talking alarm.

The MedCenter monthly pill organizer allows the user to pre-load a full month's supply of medication, with 4 compartments per day. The user can also program medication times into the talking alarm to ensure medication times aren't missed. The alarm unit has several loudness settings to make sure the user can hear even if they are in a different room.

The advantage of the take-along daily pill boxes is obvious, but what most people don't realize is that they can also bring the talking alarm during day outings as well. So, let's say you were planning a weekend getaway - simply take the three or four days you need and the talking alarm and you're all set!

Medcenter Monthly Medication Organizer Features:

  • TRI-DATE VERIFICATION: matching the visual dates on pill boxes and clock with audible alerts assures accuracy
  • LALKING ALARM alerts users when it's time to take medication
  • Set up to 4 ALARMS DAILY to alert you when your medication is due
  • LOUD & EXTRA LOUD sound settings ensure the alarm is heard
  • RED & GREEN COLOR CODING shows when daily dose is complete


medcenter monthly pill organizer with alarm


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Watch this quick video featuring the MedCenter Monthly Pill Organizer with talking alarm and 30 day capacity.

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