MedReady Pill Dispenser

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The folks at MedReady have put a lot of care, research and field-testing into their automated medication dispenser. The MedReady Pill Dispenser incorporates several safeguards that keep you or your loved one covered when unexpected events arise. Keep reading! We’re going to tell you exactly why this is one of the best units on the market.

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The research and development team at MedReady partnered with a large medical group and field tested the MedReady pill dispenser for 8 months before finalizing the design. The result is a well thought out, well designed and versatile product.

Large capacity, removable medication tray

The tray has been enlarged from previous iterations, allowing greater capacity and easy access. The device features a rechargeable battery pack, which allows the MedReady pill dispenser to keep on working even in the even of a power outage.

Battery pack

The battery pack also makes the unit portable – good for day trips or an overnight – eliminating the confusion of having to separate out a day or two’s worth of medication into smaller pill boxes.

Buzzer and LED Alert

The MedReady Medication Dispenser comes in a few different models, with either a buzzer, low frequency alarm, or flashing LED to alert patients at the designated medication time. The MedReady 1600 FL uses a flashing red LED light. The MedReady 1600 LF emits a low frequency alarm, for patients with partial high frequency hearing loss. The MedReady 1600 FL-LF features both options.

MedReady 1650 – email reports

Designed especially for caregivers and concerned family members, the MedReady 1650 has been designed to email a report on their patients compliance. The unit sends a daily report via email to the designated party. This is a unique safeguard for patients who have memory challenges…

The MedReady Pill Dispenser is an excellent unit in terms of reliability, ease of use and safeguards. It has been thoroughly tested and gets great consumer reviews.

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A pill organizer is one of the most important innovations in medicine in recent history. It can mean the difference between independence and dependancy for many people.

Automatic pill dispensers are especially important for those who suffer from memory loss or dimentia.

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