MD2 Medication Dispenser

Get the best deals on the MD 2 monitored automatic pill dispenser.

The MD 2 monitored automatic pill dispenseris Manufactured by Phillips Lifetime and brought to you by the e-pill company. The MD 2 pill dispenser incorporates all of the features, safeguards and reliability a patient and their caregiver needs.

Featured in the Wall Street Journal, CNN Headline News, CBS Early Show and on National Public Radio, The e-pill Md2 medication dispenser is probably the best known and most frequently purchased unit by caregivers and concerned family members. More expensive, but can pay for itself quickly if used to offset the cost of a home health care professional. Improved patient compliance and medication adherence is the hallmark of this device.  

Use the MD2 Medication Dispenser at home or in an assisted/senior living environment as an “age-in-place” device, allowing the patient greater freedom and independence, and reduced frustration. The unit is roughly the size of a large coffee maker and fits on a counter top easily. Simply load the MD 2 monitored automatic pill dispenser once per month (holds 60 medication cups) and the patient will be reminded by a loud voice alarm, reminder text, and flashing LED light. The MD2 can dispense medication up to SIX times per day! The medication cups are reusable and hold up to 50 aspirin size pills.

E-pill Medication Reminders offer a monthly monitoring service for about $30/month, after the initial trial has expired. We highly recommend that you take advantage of this service for more peace of mind and confidence that your loved one is following their prescribed regimen.

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The MD2 Pill Dispenser sends a text message/email to caregiver via phone line to give reports about medication adherence. Just a power outlet and a phone jack and you are all set…. The unit comes with everything else you will need to get started.

Dimensions: Height 13 inch x Depth 15 inch x Width 13 inch. Weight: 10 pounds.

If you get your unit directly from E-pill Medication Reminders, expect a retail price of  $899.00 and a sale price of $844.95. They offer FREE Shipping & Handling. Look for even better deals online from discount sources.

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Automatic pill dispensers are especially important for those who suffer from memory loss or dimentia.

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